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IQOS Retail Stores

Project type

Retail Design & Architecture




Atlanta, GA, Richmond, VA


Creative Director, 3D Design Lead, Fabrication consultant

In my tenure with the innovative IQOS retail project under Altria, I demonstrated my adeptness in steering the conception and realization of groundbreaking retail environments that marry consumer design with cutting-edge technology. My leadership was instrumental in the rollout of distinctive retail formats – from standalone storefronts and mall outlets to versatile mobile pop-ups – across key markets such as Virginia and Atlanta. My commitment to maintaining the integrity of our brand's voice, coupled with a meticulous application of display standards and consumer insights, facilitated seamless collaborations with architects, builders, and fabricators. From the initial stages of 3D rendering and creative material selection to conducting thorough final inspections, my holistic involvement ensured each store embodiment was a true reflection of our brand's values and vision. This portfolio showcases my journey in transforming retail spaces into immersive experiences that not only resonate with the brand identity but also engage and captivate the consumer, marking significant milestones in my career in retail design.

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