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I'm a dad, a husband, and a tinkerer.  I am also a creative leader who has been designing and building experiences for over 15 years. These include designing products, processes, events, omnichannel journeys, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. I also hold wonder, curiosity and playfulness as a way to people hearts. I believe design can change the world and open doors for everyone.


I hold a professional degree in architecture and have been leveraging an understanding of designing spaces, forming consumer journeys, and using empathy and human-centered thinking to understand how we interact with our environments and build memories.

For the last 10 years I have been a passionate leader that brings to life story driven experiences that lie in the ever-growing overlap between design, curiosity, creative technology and integrated production. This overlap encompasses user experience spatial design, creative strategy, technology, ideation & story-making, and creative direction.

I have a deep understanding and grounding in architecture, 3D spatial design, strategic thinking, technology, and story-building. I have leveraged these skills and passions to work in experiential marketing, architectural design, and product prototyping, including over 90 brands and 200+ projects.


My interests combine several areas of design and represents a convergence - (and a convergence of my background) between architecture, visualizations,  creative thinking, storytelling and technology. They also connect brands to consumers in an immersive and memorable way and can encompass retail, hospitality, mobile tours, branded takeovers, notions of permanence and temporality, to name a few.

I am a forward-looking creator and innovator who designs curated, focused and refined experiences at the right scale for the right audience in order to deeply engage with brands. 




A Futurist:  

Who must anticipate how we will respond to global and human conditions while relishing change.


A Translator:

Who must understand how a need for human experiences can become a curated space that supports and elevates our everyday memories and impressions of the world.


A Generalist:

Who must understand how people of all diversity engage with memory, space and experience.


A Collaborator:

Who must acknowledge the role of other disciplines, designers and clients in the creation of creative experiences & spaces.


An Entrepreneur:

Who must not forget that design AND ideas have value- ahem..  It's not free.


I am Curious-

I seek and gather information for learning. I follow child-like curiosity which promotes tenacity – the desire to keep evolving and refining ideas no matter what.  


I am Creative-

it relies on curiosity and is not magic.  I like to ask questions and challenging preconceived notions. Creativity is critical thinking.  Idea, explore, learn, rinse, repeat.  


I hold Convictions -

which require a creative thinkers (and clients) to know ourselves. Strong convictions induce passion into the design process and ultimately into the experiences and spaces I help design.


Convictions must tread a fine line however.... between the good (passionate experimentation) and the disillusioned (arrogance superiority). Basically:  You need to foster your curiosity - Curiosity sometimes supersedes Convictions. 

Creative Direction, Art Direction, 

Environmental & Exhibition, Trade show, Mobile, Digital and Connected, Experiential, 3D Design, Architectural, Branding, Strategy