experiential architect

I'm a dad, a husband, a Milwaukeean.  I am creative, I am a designer, a leader and I design experiences and environments through interactions between people and spaces. I am also interested architectural temporality, movement within and around our environments and experiential design strategies. 


My interests combine several areas of design and represents a convergence - (and a convergence of my background) between architecture, visualizations,  creative thinking, storytelling and technology. They also connect brands to consumers in an immersive and memorable way and can encompass retail, hospitality, mobile tours, branded takeovers, notions of permanence and temporality, to name a few.

I am a forward-looking creator and innovator who designs curated, focused and refined experiences at the right scale for the right audience in order to deeply engage with brands. 


I have a deep understanding of human behavior, and expert knowledge in how spatial design, graphic design, technology, movement and materials affect perception leading to how people engage with and remember their experiences.

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