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made to imagine

Creative Direction | Director of Innovation

My mission is to create experiences that inspire, entertain, and leave an unforgettable impression. Through each engagement with a brand, I lead teams to execute both digital and physical designs that bring stories to life and make consumers feel truly connected. My expertise ranges from overall creative direction to developing partnerships to architecturally-informed spaces.


Through my direction, I'm able to create immersive environments for total brand immersion for maximum impact: mobile activations, videos, virtual & augmented reality experiences, platform development, graphic visuals & ID , crafted retail exhibits; all tailored for each unique opportunity. Whether I guide my clients in the design of a semi-permanent or permanent interior space or develop stunning renderings and presentations; I always strive for inspiring solutions that have resonance long after the project concludes.

I'm passionate about creating experiences and solutions that are both of the highest quality and culturally relevant. Throughout my 15 years in the field of overall experience design, my professional degree in architecture has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of how space impacts our consumer journey and our memories. By leveraging an increased awareness of empathy and human-centered thinking, my main focus has been on designing remarkable products, videos, digital designs, processes, events, omnichannel journeys and environments that are tailored to my client's vision. I'm committed to creating extraordinary experiences through innovative design - ones that not only inspire but ultimately give the user an unforgettable experience.

With a blend of strategic thinking, creative problem-solving and technology expertise, my portfolio is well-rounded and provides me with the perfect combination for success in experiential marketing, architectural design and product prototyping. Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to work with many interesting brands and exciting projects. My extensive experience allows me to approach any task from an informed lens while keeping a keen eye on details that matter most. My deep knowledge of these craft areas allows me to recognize patterns quickly and think out of the box when needed, helping any team succeed faster.

I Design Because I am:

A Futurist:  

Who must anticipate how we will respond to global and human conditions while relishing change.

A Translator:

Who must understand how a need for human experiences can become a curated space that supports and elevates our everyday memories and impressions of the world.


A Generalist:

Who must understand how people of all diversity engage with memory, space and experience.


A Collaborator:

Who must acknowledge the role of other disciplines, designers and clients in the creation of creative experiences & spaces.


An Entrepreneur:

Who must not forget that design AND ideas have value- ahem..  It's not free.​


I am Curious-

I seek and gather information for learning. I follow child-like curiosity which promotes tenacity – the desire to keep evolving and refining ideas no matter what.  


I am Creative-

it relies on curiosity and is not magic.  I like to ask questions and challenging preconceived notions. Creativity is critical thinking.  Idea, explore, learn, rinse, repeat.  

I hold Convictions -

which require a creative thinkers (and clients) to know ourselves. Strong convictions induce passion into the design process and ultimately into the experiences and spaces I help design.

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