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2007--- onward


3D Design, Innovator, Visionary, Creative Director

Project type

Visionary, Speculative

Innovating with Heart and Technology

Fueled by curiosity, I dive deep into technology's potential, blending hardware and software to craft impactful solutions. My journey with Arduino exemplifies this synergy, where I meld code and components to create meaningful tools.

The EMDR Handheld Odyssey

A standout project is the EMDR Handheld, designed to assist in psychotherapy with its intuitive light and vibration features. This device isn't just a technical achievement; it's a conduit for healing, encapsulating my commitment to innovation that serves and supports.

A Convergence of Creativity and Utility

With each project, I unite form and function, coding and crafting to bring forth tools that are as effective as they are elegant. This journey is a testament to the power of technology harnessed with intention, shaping a future where innovation touches lives, driven by a relentless passion for exploration and impact.

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