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2007--- onward


3D Design, Innovator, Visionary, Creative Director

Project type

Visionary, Speculative

I love to tinker. To explore and play with new technology as I discover it. Here is a few examples of these explorations.

Personal Computer Amp - A custom designed and built computer case as a throwback to midcentury amps.

EMDR Hand Held - a handheld device to facilitate the pulses of light and vibrations for EMDR used in psychotherapy. Custom designed case as a 3D print, and coded using arduino.

Motorcycle Parts - product design and 3D printed fabrication methods for motorcycle parts for myself and for a local bike fabricator. Using Rhino to design and print on an Ender 3.

Visualizations - I care deeply about how to convey the design of something in a visual way. The method sometimes makes or breaks a concept.

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