Role: Exploration, Electronics, Industrial Design, Fabrication


Because creativity extends beyond making art and design. 

What is it about: Mostly a Dell man, then an Apple guy (at the creative agency)...  I got bit by the bug to build my own rig. A PC, that is.  This project stemmed from the need for my own desktop computer powerful enough to run renderings for my business ventures.  Building this was exhilarating, deeply fulfilling and a huge learning experience.  My first computer was all off-the-shelf. My second computer (featured first above) pushed my skill set and I built my own case. I wanted a case that took design cues from old speakers.

The Key Learning:  Designing in a computer case is very amazing. But building a design a computer software is vastly different from fabricating and assembly. It requires learning process where the hands-on informs the digital and reverse. It was extremely fun to think through design challenges and find new companies to help create CNC cut aluminum parts and 3D printed custom brackets.

The first computer focused on components - putting the parts together was the easy part (if you can build a Lego set you can build a computer). The hard part was sourcing the parts, wading through the huge amount of data and opinion for every nuance and detail. However, it made me learn new information gathering skills, and forced me to weigh performance vs. cost.  Two great resources and sources of inspiration beyond PC's are in my inspiration links (Pauls' Hardware, PC Partpicker)