This project defined the trajectory of my design interests in graduate school and beyond.

What is it about:  This project was a warm-up design challenge to design an exhibit gallery for Wired Magazine's Innovation Showcase. It had to serve this exhibit purpose for 2 weeks, then become a park space for the rest of its useful life... unless the city wanted to do another exhibit gallery in the future (which it had accommodate) uh-oh.  My solution used shipping containers as large "walls" to guide the experience and define a sculpted landscape which created small galleries that converted to sunken gardens when the containers were removed. Need the space again? float them down the river and into the harbor where they can be re placed on the garden walls.

The Key Learning:  I became obsessed by the nature of pedestrian and vehicular experiences in and around the project site and how this can accommodate the temporal nature of the build - simultaneously looking at the past, present and future of the site.  The understanding of how people experience a site over its lifetime is still present in my work, as well as, the foundation of the architecture studio I taught at UW-Milwaukee.