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Role: Faculty Assistance, Prototype, Parametric Design, Exploration


It was the first time I used parametric tools help push aesthetic design and aid fabrication.

What is it about: This project was a collaboration with a team of students from UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture.  They came to me to consult on the design and fabrication of an illuminated soffit for a local coffee shop. I leveraged the parametric software Grasshopper via Rhino 3D to help them merge aesthetics and fabrication information into one digital model. I created a digital model that allowed them to tweak their design in response to client feedback while retaining information for fabrication. Specifically, my model was able to output all cut lengths, bend angles and other critical dimensions in real-time as design aesthetics changed.

The Key Learning: A parametrically driven model incorporating build-data allowed the students to make aesthetic changes much further into the 6 week timeline - requiring only 2 days to cut materials, and one week to fabricate and install the piece. This ultimately creates more value for the client. 

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