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Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, 3D design

Project: U.S. Bank 2021 Modular Experiences

Location: Various

Time: September 2020 - current

Role: Creative Direction, Lead Experiential Architect, 3D modeling / rendering, Video Art Direction, Talent in video

THE ASK: U.S. Bank asked us for a mobile, scalable solution that provided experiential activations. One that could be re-used and deployed at various locations and events.

THE SOLUTION: We created a series of "mod" (modular lockers) that could unfold and create an experience. Each mod is either 4' or 6' wide and utilize a wood "outrigger" to help orient additional screens or direct the flow of guests. When these units are grouped together the outrigger serves to create more interesting architectural spaces. We designed a vast array of module types from photo booths to lounges and currently the client has chosen to fabricate 5 types: welcome desk, photo booth, learning kiosk, CSR education and a product demo module. These units are designed to have the container fabricated ahead of time and the experiential interactions added in later. This way our fabrication shop can "mass produce" containers and reduce cost.

MY SPECIFIC TASKS: Specifically, I was the lead designer and creative director for this project. I presented the concepts to the client, worked with our project managers, designers and fabrication shop. I chose materials and frequented the fabrication shop for spot checks. I also oversaw the art direction on the recap video showcasing the modules and how they are unfolded.

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