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Role: Lead Experiential Architect, 3D modeling/rendering, Art Direction, Way-finding signage

Project: AAOS Orthopedics Convention

Location: San Diego (2017), New Orleans (2018)

Time: March 2017, March 2018

THE ASK: This project began as an RFP win - initially tasked with creating a memorable, stand-out event at the AAOS (American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons) Convention in San Diego. Stryker had just introduced a new game-changing robotic arm to assist surgeons on hip and knee replacement surgery. The event included food and beverage services and specific educational programming around the brand and new device. It is prohibited to create entertainment or anything that could be perceived as unethical related to products and swaying decisions of doctors.

THE SOLUTION: GMR created "Edu-tainment" opportunities, including an "operation-style" game, demonstrations, and digital interactions throughout the event - an area that spanned an entire city block and 5 full restaurant take-overs. Each restaurant was re-branded, including the name, to align with Stryker branding. Into these spaces, and along the carpeted and canopy covered street, were activations that educated doctors on the capabilities of Stryker and the new robotic Mako system. The most difficult part of the entire event was the timeline - the street and multiple restaurant takeovers had less than 20 hours to be converted into a Stryker branded educational party. And then we had under 10 hours after the event to strike it and open the street to traffic. The event worked - and the through-put was nearly 3x greater than was asked. The design of the street take over and intense hustle and bustle of the setup also became a draw, as thousands of attendees walked by and it became the "talk of the conference".

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