Role: Experiential Architecture Lead, 3D modeling / rendering, Art Direction, On-Site Coordination

Created a stats zone for SAP to show off their data muscles in the bustling hub of Super Bowl Boulevard located in Times Square during Super Bowl 49.

Project: Super Bowl Boulevard - NYC / Super Bowl XLVIII

Location: New York City

Time: February 2014

THE ASK: Another RFP win - this project was created so SAP could start to become more consumer facing (vs. purely B2B as it has been). It was critical this solution spoke both to SAP's strengths as a data solution as well as to the average sports fan.

THE SOLUTION: SAP utilized the large sports-oriented crowds found around the super bowl. In this case, they built a booth along super bowl boulevard in NYC for Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. Our solution created a booth in 360 with large LED panels where fans could tweet their favorite quarterback and see real-time sentiment. On the interior were several engagements including a custom AR football helmet trial of your favorite team, and more real-time data and sentiment. Closing this area out was a digital trivia game.