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Role: Lead Experiential Architect, 3D modeling / rendering, Art Direction, Furniture sourcing.

Project: Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival

Location: Austin, TX

Time: October 2017

THE ASK: Lowe's wanted to have a presence at the ACL festival in Austin - as this crowd was shown to be in key demographic in the future of Lowe's.

THE SOLUTION: It was imperative to create a space and design that echoed the brand of Lowe's as a home-improvement leader, but also fit within the context of a music festival. We needed to design, first, a space that was attractive to a younger pre-home ownership crowd, but memorable enough that when they did purchase a home, they thought of Lowe's first as a go-to for home improvement needs. Our solution was a "studio" that contained a stage for select low-key, acoustic concerts from some of the bands that played on the larger stages. When the stage was not being used, consumers could jump on stage and get a 180 photo taken via 36 cameras which created an animated gif that was shareable via social media. While waiting in line they were able to play a one-of-a-kind digital drum set that shot colored water (reminiscent of paint) into the air on every drum hit. The design was meant to look and feel as if this were a DIY project or still under construction - the furniture and many of the materials were sourced directly from Lowe's.

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