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Role: Lead Experiential Architect, 3D modeling / rendering, Art direction.

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Project: Hospitality House

Location: Pyeongchang, South Korea

Time: 2018 Winter Olympics

THE ASK: An RFP for a hospitality house at the 2018 winter Olympics for VIP guests invited on behalf of Intel. The Intel house was located near the hotel where guests would stay, however, the new hotel lacked amenities, and we were tasked with creating programing around dining, relaxation and education around new Intel products.

THE SOLUTION: We created a full take-over of an existing three story restaurant. The take-over included adding a new covered entryway with lockers for guests to change out of cold weather clothing and into slippers. We also fully changed the dining room from low Korean style seating to banquettes and tables for 48 people. Other architectural changes include a large fire and ice sculpture in front, a fireplace inside the main lobby and numerous wall coverings, graphics and furniture placement. These changes also incorporated demonstration areas for Intel to show off it's latest tech including 5G, AI, chip design and gaming engines.

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