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Milwaukee, WI



Project type

Architecture, Branded Environment


Creative Director, 3D design, Parametric Mastermind, Fabrication Consult

Reinventing the Office

I was tasked with working in conjunction with Kahler Slater Architects to help flesh out the interior renovation.

Specifically,I helped define floor plans and general spatial usage, as well as, create a 3D model of the renovation for photo-real renderings to better assist material choices.

As part of the renovation, the client sought out a sculptural element to reflect the connected nature of their work and, at the same time, literally connect both wings of their corporate headquarters. I leveraged Parametric design via the Rhino / Grasshopper software to design a sculpture consisting of hanging rows of boards that "flow" between major spaces above sections of circulation.

The sculpture was made from over 7,000 linear feet of a 3/4" composite of Walnut and a rigid core (the sculpture used a walnut laminate to reduce weight).
The Key Learning: I was more capable with interior design and material selection that I thought heading into this project.

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